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will once again participate in Food Festival


The Danish climate is getting a bit too hot for Danish blackcurrant cultivars. Photo: Helle K. Sørensen

2014.08.13 |

Global warming bad news for Danish blackcurrant growers

Climate change is turning out to be bad news for the production of blackcurrants in Denmark. The existing commercial cultivars of blackcurrant do not cope equally well with heat and drought.

2014.06.26 |

Science in the City – teaser VIDEO

Aarhus University was well represented at this weekend's Science in the City festival, held at the Carlsberg site in Copenhagen. AU stand were much visited by large and small. The unofficial European Championship in Science Show was also held at the festival, where Denmark was represented by Physics Show Aarhus and Chemistry show DTU - where…

Michelle Williams continues as head of the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University. Photo: Aarhus University

2014.07.10 |

Michelle Williams continues as head of the Department of Food Science

Michelle H. Williams has spearheaded Aarhus University’s Department of Food Science since 2011, and has now been appointed head of department for a five-year period.


Wed 03 Sep
08:00-20:00 | Aarhus
European Food Venture Forum is held 3.-4. September in Aarhus. Find out more about this event here.
Fri 05 Sep
08:00-18:00 | Tangkrogen i Aarhus
Food Festival 2014
Once again Department of Food Science will join Food Festival at Tangkrogen in Aarhus
Mon 06 Oct
10:00-20:00 | Aarhus
IMGC Symposium in Aarhus
The 11th International Symposium on Milk Genomics and Human Health will be a journey through the stages of mammalian life - from the umbilical cord to the clinical cohort - and is organized by the International Milk Genomics Consortium in collaboration with Arla Foods, Aarhus University and the Danish Dairy Research Foundation.
Thu 09 Oct
10:00-20:00 | Aarhus
IMGC workshop in Aarhus
Aarhus University - Department of Food Science will host an IMGC workshop on the 9th and 10th of October in Aarhus at the university campus entitled “Tools and Possibilities for Optimized Milk”.
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