Finding solutions to Agro & Food problems //workshop

Finding solutions to Agro & Food problems //workshop. Arranged by Food ehub.

2018.09.26 | Tina Lillelund Magaard

Date Wed 31 Oct
Time 16:15 18:15
Location Kathrinebjerg, building 5128, room 217, Aarhus

Consumers now demand transparency, and even the most rural communities, increasingly buy ecological food. Sustainability is the buzz word, but the underlying changes in the world, are very real on the market place. On top of this, is a hard push from governments and scientists pointing to the infamous 2050 "deadline" where 10 billion people need nutrition. 
In short: there is a lot of room for new ideas for products and services. The market and the world craves new solutions, actually. 

This workshop will enable you to start discussing and examining ideas, for Agro and Food solutions. We have a researcher and business people present, so we can have realistic and ambitious discussions. 

Last time we had a deep brainstorm on methane gas reduction and cow farming. The discussions and group work go where you guide them.

We continue with the same format from the first workshop:
- Intro: presentation about what the Food ehub can do for you
- Academic based, idea generation in groups, after the "double diamond" concept, from Design Thinking
- Outro: next steps and how we follow up. 

Note this workshop is open and free for all AU students.

If you want to have something to eat at the workshop: please send an email to Anders on so he knows how much to order :-)    

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