Vision & Strategy


Deliver knowledge to create the best food for the individual through exploitation of resource variability, differentiation and biofunctional potential.



Within the areas of differentiated and biofunctional foods we will relate our research to sustainable1 production, functionality2 of the raw material, its health promoting and nutritional3 value as well as taste and experience3

1Sustainability: i) Optimal exploitation of alternative cultivars/breeds/production systems e.g. in relation to robustness, environment and resources, ii) Exploiting the full potential of raw materials (added value and side streams)

2Functionality: i) Suitability for further processing/harvest, ii) Shelf life, iii) Rheological properties

3Nutrition and health: i) Alternative human/animal medicine, ii) Disease preventing/health preserving, iii) Optimising the content of bioactive components

4Taste and experience: i) Exploiting variation in taste within different cultivars/breeds, ii) Origin / culture, iii) Create variation in taste through different production conditions