Current PhD projects

At the moment 23 PhD students are employed at the Department of Food Science. PhD students in the five science teams are:

Plant, Food & Sustainability

Margita Hefner: Plant-Soil Interactions in Reduced-Tilled Organic Vegetable Systems – Nitrogen Dynamics and Root Growth


Plant, Food & Climate

Hinrich Hermann Ferdinand Holthusen: Characterisation of the heat-shock response in apples triggered by short hot-water treatments (short-HWT) by using fungal pathogens as indicators

Thayna Mendanha: Understanding of wheat genotypes with improved tolerance to increased climatic variability


Differentiated and Biofunctional Food

Ece Kilic: Vitamin D fortification with enhanced bioavailability  

Louise Margrethe Arildsen Jakobsen: Deciphering synbiotic interactions through systems biology approaches

Mette Søndergaard Schmedes: Metabolomic studies on the postprandial response – gaining broader insight into the multiple biochemical and physiological processes

Masoumeh Alinaghihossein: Metabolomics data fusion applied to study a peri-natal inflammation condition and preventive dietary strategies in a piglet model

Rebekka Thøgersen: Metabolomics til undersøgelse af fødevarematriceeffekter


Food Chemistry & Technology

Amita Jahangiri: Stabilizing the natural colors bixin and norbixin from the Annatto plant by chemical and enzymatic formulation/modification

Anders Hauer Møller: Stability of the natural colors bixin and norbixin and screening for bioactive compounds from the annatto plant

Anne Vuholm Sunds: Effect of natural glycosidases in bovine milk on loss of milk oligosaccharides during processing

Doreen Jepngetich Metto: Control of psychrotrophic Bacillus cereus in chilled dairy products  

Heidi Thorgaard Kristensen: Co-precipitates between milk and plant proteins – mechanisms behind protein interaction and improved functionality

Ida Sørensen: Concentrating raw milk at the farm – keeping the high quality

Marije Akkerman: Milk differentiation, including organics, with potentials outside the cool chain

Mohammad Sedigh Jasour: New physicochemical and technological approach for high quality and sustainable fish feed production

Steffen Fredslund Hansen: Milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) isolation with higher quality and stability


Food Quality Perception & Society

Aimei Wang: Biological markers for early warning of food losses

Anne Sjørup Bertelsen: Sensory factors affecting sweetness perception of beverages: the association of inter and intra cultural differences  

Line Elgård Nielsen: Correlating unique compounds in beer to sensory perception - A novel model for artificial taste perception 

Mette Duerlund Hansen: Post-ingestive Sensations in Healthy Eating behaviour

Md. Nahidul Islam: New methods and technologies to reduce food losses during storage

Niki Alexi: Multisensory and chemical characterisation of fish species recently introduced in EU aquaculture and consumer perception of their processed products