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By connecting the horticultural sector with EU, regional & national governments, we will strengthen the future sustainability of the NSR berry fruit industry against risk from climate change & add value to secure the long-term future of NSR fruit industries.

A virtual NSR Soft Fruit Climate Change & Environment Centre will be formed by bringing together leading experts, commercial partners, consultants, industry boards & national & regional policy makers. ClimaFruit will ensure that public good outcomes are implemented to create lasting value throughout the NSR; in the short term to secure crops under threat & in the long term to position ourselves to capture future opportunities. Further aims are:

  • Reducing chemical use & the carbon footprint of horticultural production systems, provide long term economically & ecologically sustainable solutions around optimal use of water, nutrients & chemicals. Secure the production of locally grown fruit, providing fresh healthy food products & natural ingredients for foods with reduced chemical residues; 
  • Creating new business opportunities that contribute to local economies in the processed & food sector by developing new & improved food products for & from the region; 
  • Overcoming existing risks & demonstrating the opportunity to grow the berryfruit industry in the NSR via increased production of both fresh & processed berry products;
  • Developing a cluster of experts within the NSR ensuring the establishment of a world-leading berryfruit hub focused on implementing sustainable & healthy solutions;