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The project ambition is to ultimately help produce infant formula milk with a higher carbohydrate content. Photo: Colourbox

2014.12.11 | Food

Carbohydrates in milk come under scrutiny

Scientists from Aarhus University will be closely examining the content of healthy carbohydrates in cow's milk and whether it is possible to breed your way to milk with a higher content of these carbohydrates. The ambition is that this may improve formula milk for infants.

Scientists will look at the possibility of extracting the red pigmentation from aronia berries, black currants and sour cherries and using it as a natural colouring in food products. Photo: Martin Jensen

2014.11.17 | DCA

Natural berry pigments as food ingredient at the heart of new project

Scientists from Aarhus University, the University of Southern Denmark and a number of corporate partners are exploring how to effectively extract natural food colours from aronia berries, blackcurrants and sour cherries. The goal is to create a new, natural alternative to artificial food colours.