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Sour cherries are just one of the types of berries that scientists at Aarhus University are collaborating with the industry to increase the sustainability of. Stock photo

2015.12.09 | DCA

Scientists are paving the way for more sustainable Danish berry production

Blackcurrants, sour cherries and other delicious and healthy Danish berries can become novel ingredients in specialist food products such as wine, vinegar and juice. This is one of the methods used in a new project led by Aarhus University to increase the sustainability of the Danish berry production.

Dr Elsser-Gravesen has worked with the protection of food against spoiling microorganisms his entire career.

2015.12.17 | Food

New Affiliate Associate Professor in food microbiology

Dieter Elsser-Gravesen, scientist and owner of the company ISI Food Protection, becomes Affiliate Associate Professor in food microbiology at the Department of Food Science.

To evaluate the quality of packaged wild rocket it is not sufficient just to evaluate colour – you also have to evaluate odour and whether leaves are rotten, which is almost impossible without opening the packaging material. Photo: Colourbox

2015.12.08 | Food

Measurement of volatile organic compounds may reveal wild rocket salad quality

By means of a new method Aarhus University scientists have demonstrated that there is a relation between the quality of packaged wild rocket after harvest and the release of volatile organic compounds. In the long term this new method may be beneficial to the industry as well as consumers.