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A new project led by Aarhus University examines whether it is possible to produce foods that maximize satiety Photo: Colourbox

2019.03.25 | DCA

Which factors decide how much we eat?

Headed by Aarhus University, OmniSaM is an ongoing interdisciplinary project dealing with satiety and developing a way to accurately measure how different foods make us feel full. Obesity and its accompanying complications is an increasing problem worldwide. Some of the known reasons for overweight and obesity are e.g. our diets and levels of…

We eat and drink with all our senses Photo: Colourbox

2019.04.04 | Food

Sweetness happens in the mind as much as in the mouth

The color and odour of the drink, the music you listen to, the color and design of the bottle, the flavor and texture of the drink itself. A number of factors, not only in the product itself but in the situation, the setting and the surroundings influence how we perceive the taste of any given drink or food product. The project INNOSWEET examines…