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Flower strips in French experimental site. Photo: Lambion, 2018.

2020.02.28 | Food

Designing resilient organic greenhouse production systems for Europe: updates from the first half of the GREENRESILIENT project

During the last decade, there has been a strong discussion about the principles of organic farming, driven primarily by the differences in organic production systems in Europe. Some systems are highly intensified and focus on high economic sustainability whereas others focus on increasing biodiversity and implementing agroecological principles.…

Photo: Colourbox.

2020.03.17 | Food

How does grass protein affect meat quality?

In production experiments, an increasing amount of clover grass protein was added to the feed for broilers and slaughter pigs. The purpose of this is to find a more sustainable alternative to e.g. soy protein. A group of researchers from Aarhus University examined this.

2020.02.25 | Food

Support for agri-food tech companies in the startup phase

As a part of the EIT Food program, which Aarhus University is participating in, it is now possible for new startup companies within the area of agri-food technology to receive training, mentorship and €10,000 funding for customer research.

2020.02.24 | Food

Professor Hildegarde Heymann gives her inaugural lecture

In august 2019, Professor Hildegarde Heymann, University of California, Davis, who is a world-leading expert in sensory science, was appointed as Honorary Professor in “Advanced Sensory Methodologies for Innovation in Food Quality” at the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University. On February 25, 2020 she will give her inaugural lecture.

Foto: Tofu Production & BUG AMOK

2020.02.11 | Food

Climate-friendly bugotto under development

In a new project, researchers from Aarhus University are contributing to the development of a climate-friendly risotto based on insect flour - a so-called bugotto - aimed at Danish consumers.