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ClimaFruit project was showcased as part of European Cooperation Day

The ClimaFruit project led by Department of Food Science was showcased as part of European Cooperation Day at an event hosted by the North Sea Region Secretariat on 21 September in Aarhus

2014.09.23 | Tina Lillelund Magaard

[Translate to English:] Institutleder Michelle Williams på "European Cooperation Day" med projektet Climafruit

This involved a poster display on the project, blackberry fruit samples and discussion with participants on the reasons we developed the project, project outcomes and how we worked together across national borders.

As part of cooperation day there is  an EU video that focusses on cooperation and collaboration across borders and the types of projects that are being funded by the EU as part of the regional programmes.. See the video here (external link). 

The NSR has also developed a video to showcase three of their large projects and ClimaFruit is amongst these projects. The video can be seen here (external link).

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