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FOOD represented in Nordmilk Research Network

NordGen - the Nordic Genetic Resource Center - and researchers from the Nordic countries working on phenotypic and genetic characterization of milk of dairy cattle have established a Nordic network on characterization of milk from native Nordic cattle breeds. Lotte Bach Larsen, Mette Krogh Larsen and Nina Aagaard Poulsen from FOOD represent FOOD in the network. Please read more here: nordmilk.nordgen.org/home

2014.09.17 | Tina Lillelund Magaard

The objectives of the NordMilk Research Network are to:

  • Utilize synergies between Nordic research groups on genetic and phenotypic characterization of milk from the Nordic native cattle breeds by coordinating and creating national and joint projects
  • Promote development of dairy niche products from the Nordic native cattle breeds
  • Promote sustainable use and conservation of the native Nordic cattle breeds

Read more about NordMilk here (eksternal link).

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