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Support for agri-food tech companies in the startup phase

As a part of the EIT Food program, which Aarhus University is participating in, it is now possible for new startup companies within the area of agri-food technology to receive training, mentorship and €10,000 funding for customer research.

2020.02.25 | Lise Bundgaard

Do you have a new startup company within the agri-food tech sector, which can transform the food system? Then the EIT Food Seedbed program might be something for you.

The program supports innovative entrepreneurs with ideas that have the potential to develop transformative solutions for the food sector. It can be within the area of sustainable packaging, biotechnology, robotics and automation, smart farming, ag-tech, big data etc. 

- The program allows the entrepreneurs to test the market directly with potential customers and learn how to progress from commercial proposition to validated business. This is done with the help of a five-day bootcamp at the end of May, based on customer-oriented methodology to support the development of business models, says Charlotte Bay Hansen, who is a coordinator for the program and manager at the Food eHub at the Department of Food Science, and continues:

- The participants will benefit from mentorship from leading agri-food sector experts with specialized knowledge and skills to develop food sector innovation. Furthermore, participants will receive a €10,000 funding to validate a business idea with potential customers. It is, therefore, a unique opportunity for agri-food entrepreneurs in the food sector, and we hope that it will attract many new entrepreneurs.


Apply here no later than March 15 


The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an independent body under the auspices of the EU. It was established in 2008 with the purpose of boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. EIT is an umbrella body for a range of consortia working with innovation and entrepreneurship in various areas, such as climate, raw materials and food.


Further information

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Charlotte Bay Hansen
Manager - Food eHub
Department of Food Science
E-mail: charlotte@food.au.dk
Phone: +45 93508925    

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