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Entrepreneurship at Department of Food Science

Our research, infrastructure and our knowledge can be used to solve challenges or to provide a new insight that can add value to all sized companies. Innovative solutions emerge when businesses and entrepreneurs collaborate in our innovation environment.

Do you want to be an industrial partner in the development and realization of new ground-breaking technologies and help translate research knowledge into a new business opportunity? Do you have a good idea but need validation and prototyping? Do you need a graduate with strong entrepreneurial skills?

We have an entrepreneurship hub for students within the food space (ehub) and if you would like to connect to this or hear more about the food ehub contact our ehub leader.

We have a Department of Food Science business development initiative (bizhub) to develop new startup initiatives from our Department research staff. If you would like to connect to this or hear more about the food bizhub contact our bizhub leader.

The aim of these initiatives if to ensure we have an innovative, but research based entrepreneurial environment.

Entrepreneurship on the curriculum

Our students are increasingly trained in entrepreneurship within the food space. Partly in order to strengthen the students' competences in collaboration in an industrial setting and also to ensure they know what it’s like to work in a startup, small or medium enterprise, or a larger international company, and partly to support them to develop their own innovative ideas.

Credit: Aarhus University
Credit: Aarhus University

AU Incubator "The Kitchen"

AU Incubator was founded in 2009. Since then, AU Incubator has formed the framework for what Aarhus University has to offer students who want to work to become entrepreneurs while they study. Their offers includes access to office and meeting facilities, counselling and networks which, combined, provide the framework for working to develop and run a professional business. In addition, AU Incubator offers various workshops and host morning meetings/conferences which are open to everyone who is interested in knowing more about entrepreneurship and related topics, maybe in order to decide whether or not to become an entrepreneur. This means that it is not a requirement that you are ready to start your own business – or have an idea for a business – in order to use AU Incubator's services. Visit The Kitchen website here.   


Do you want to become a food or agro entrepreneur?

Food eHub is the entrepreneurship office open for all students at Aarhus University with food or agriculture ideas that could be turned into businesses. Participation is free.

You are always welcome to stop by for a coffee at our office at campus or Agro Food Park. Contact us, if you want to develop your business idea, or if you want to explore an idea or a solution that could become a business.

Join the Food eHub family and get access to:

  • Mentorship and weekly meetings in how to start and build a business
  • Network whitin the food and agro industry
  • Support for funding to your idea or business
  • Free office space at Agro Food Park 48.

Visit the FOOD eHub website here.