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At the Department of Food Science, metabolomics facilities based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometry (MS) have been established. The NMR-based metabolomics facilities consist of a 600 MHz high-field NMR spectrometer equipped with an autosampler and situated at Research Centre Aarslev.

Food and the metabolic response when eating food are both characterised by having a high complexity. Metabolomics constitute the entire profile of metabolites, i.e. nutrients and metabolic products.

At the Department of Food Science, metabolomics analyses on bio fluids (blood and urine) and cell cultures are carried out in order to exploratively map the biochemical effects of different diets, feedings, effects etc. NMR-based metabolomics is also used to analyse metabolites and contents in various food articles (meat, vegetables, milk and dairy products) to better understand the relation between the characteristics of the food (raw food and product quality), its sensory quality and the nutritional response upon intake.

The department has ongoing projects in which NMR-based metabolomics is applied to:

  • examine the metabolic response related to intake of different dairy products, including probiotic-containing products
  • examine the metabolic profile of cows as a function of allocation of varying nitrogen level in the feed
  • examine the metabolic response of muscle cells under different stress exposures.