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Plant, Food & Climate

The Science Team Plant, Food & Climate

The science team focuses on plant responses to climate and climate changes. Global climate changes are expected to result in higher temperatures, and more extreme and changeable weather conditions. Knowledge about how to safeguard future productivity and quality in plant production under these conditions is the focal point of the team’s research.

Plant responses and the genetic ability of plants to acclimatise and adapt to the climatic conditions (temperature extremes, cold hardiness, carbon dioxide, light, drought and flooding) are important with regard to plants grown outdoors, but also with regard to those grown in protected environments such as greenhouses and plastic tunnels. Plant tolerance to high or low temperatures is also relevant with regard to energy consumption and product quality in greenhouse production.

Research facilities

The team’s laboratories and facilities include: image and fluorescence analysis equipment, DSC, temperature tests, in vitro facilities for transformation of plants, non-invasive analytical equipment for measuring plant responses (photosynthesis, stomata conductance, chlorophyll fluorescence), 3,500 m2 of greenhouses, climate chambers and growth chambers with LED lighting. The science team has access to the Department of Food Science’s 100-ha field research site at AU Årslev, including a 16-ha organic farming research site for cultivation of vegetables and fruit.

Science Leader:

Ivan Paponov.

Tel.: +45 209 8616

Email: ivpa@food.au.dk