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Knowledge Exchange

Independent and inspiring knowlegde as a basis for the development of society

The Department of Food Science offers research-based consultancy for public authorities and has in general focus on how the research can be a stepping stone for further development in the food industry and primary production.

Research-based consultancy

Scientists at the Department of Food Science contribute with knowledge and research to public authorities and ministries within the theme Food Quality. 

Plant genetic resources

The Department of Food Science has the responsibility to maintain the national collection of the vegetable species: hop, horseradish, rhubarb, Jerusalem artischoke and shallot.

Research collaboration

The department has interaction and collaboration with several private companies. Here you can find lists of our present partners of collaboration and find more information about the Aarhus University's guidelines for collaboration agreements and general opportunities for private companies. 

Find an expert

View of the scientific staff with keywords, listed by product categori - milk, egg, meat, fruit, vegetables, cereals and potatoes, ornamentals and medicin plants.