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2021.07.14 | Events

Meet the researchers at Food Week in Aarhus

Cell-based meat and milk, edible insects, sustainable food packaging, future protein crops and vegetable growth in salty soils - you can learn more about these topics, when researchers from Aarhus University take part in Food Week on 13-15 August.

2021.07.13 | Research

Researchers want to improve the quality of plant drinks

The demand for plant drinks is growing, but how is the quality of their proteins? Researchers are investigating this in a new project that, with the help of groundbreaking analysis methods, will ensure that the plant drinks of the future have the best possible nutritional quality.

2021.06.28 | Research news

New analysis method can improve the quality of long shelf-life milk

In collaboration with Arla, researchers from Aarhus University have developed a new analysis method to determine the content of the two amino acid crosslinks lysinoalanine and lanthionine, which often occur during the production and storage of long shelf-life milk, and which can influence quality, especially during transport and storage. This is…

2021.06.14 | Research

Ko-kalve samvær i fuldt flor på Danmarks Kvægforskningscenter ved AU i Foulum

Nyt projekt ved Aarhus Universitet skal fremme økologisk og velfærdsvenlig kalve- og oksekødsproduktion baseret på et system, hvor to kalve går sammen med en ammetante indtil de er omkring et halvt år.


Wed 01 Sep
14:00-15:00 | Online
Webinar: Electrohydrodynamics based Functional Nanofibers as Three-dimensional Nano-Biointerfaces
Want to learn more about how ultraviolet radiation UV-B and monochromatic light, can boost plants performance? Join CiFOOD Free Wednesday webinar to learn more
Fri 01 Oct
08:07-08:07 | Online
EIT RIS Programme: WE Lead
Do you want to make a real difference? Smash glass ceilings. Take the leap and let’s soar together!
Wed 06 Oct
14:00-15:00 | Online
Webinar: How can we disrupt current primary agriculture into a more productive and less polluting system?
Want to know more? Join CiFOOD Free Wednesday Webinar
Sat 16 Oct
10:30-16:30 |
Want to learn how we eat for both pleasure and planet? Sign up for this Creative Tastebuds Symposium
Thu 28 Oct
08:00-18:00 | Online and interactive workshop
Workshop on the Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science: Multiscale Food Structures and FoodOmics
An interactive online workshop organized by the Magnetic Resonance in Food Division (MRFOOD) of the Groupement Ampere on October 28, 2021. The workshop is aligned to the special issue ’Multiscale Food Structures and FoodOmics’ that will be published in the journal Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry. Presenters at the workshop will be authors who have contributed to the content of the special issue.