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Bachelor at Department of Food Science

The Department of Food Science contributes to tree Bachelor programs that gives you admission to the master program in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology at Aarhus University.

Bachelor in Agrobiology

Bachelor in Agrobiology can be your start on a carrier in food science. The Bachelor's degree in Agrobiology (3 years) is a research-based study programme with a focus on theoretical, experimental and practical subjects that gives you a basic introduction to the natural science disciplines. After the first year of studies you decide if you want a specialization in Animal Science, Plant and Environmental Science or Food Science. Department of Food Science is responsible for the specialization in Food Science. 

Chemistry and Food Technology (Bachelor of Engineering)

Chemistry and Food Technology (Bachelor of Engineering) can be your start to a carrier in food science. The bachelor of Engineering in Chemistry and Food Technology is a 3½ year study program inclusive 1 semester of internship at a food company. Here you combine basic natural science, biotechnology and engineering disciplines with focus on the food production and innovation. Department of Food Science is responsible for food related courses. Click to read more (in Danish).

Plant and Food Science

Plant and Food Science. Immerse yourself in the role of plants for the development of sustainable foods and become a frontrunner in the green transition. Click to read more (in Danish).
With the new Bachelor's degree in Plant and Food Science (3 years)  you will be at the forefront of the green transition. You will gain basic knowledge about plants as the basis for the sustainable food, feed and energy of the future. You will gain insight into how we use our resources most optimally and thereby contribute to solving some of society's major challenges using, for example, plant-based protein for food, green biorefining, new food technologies and the production of biogas.
The teaching is project-based and practice-oriented, and you will work in groups during your bachelor's degree.