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Summer schools

Summer schools

The Department of Food Science run a series of international summer schools each year

These summer schools are aligned either to Aarhus University Summer School or are part of the EU funded EIT-food; Europe's leading food innovation initiative.

Depending on conditions, we run the summer schools here in Aarhus, Denmark where we are establish international cohorts of students, hosted on the University campus and link to relevant food companies in the Aarhus region.

Alternatively, if the courses are held online there are inclusive group activities and competitions focussed on the key challenges and lectures by world leaders within the area.

Either way we strive to deliver flexible, dynamic and creative learning environments for students attending our summer courses.

Below you can see the summer schools run in 2020 and the site will be updated each year for the current year’s summer schools and the links for how to register to take part in the courses.

Summer schools in 2020