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About Department of Food Science

About the department

Research and teaching activities in the Department of Food Science encompass the entire food chain from field to fork, as well as the health-promoting properties of foods and food constituents.

The Department of Food Science possesses leading capabilities and resources, as well as active national and international networks, and is therefore able to make significant contributions to current food-related global challenges: food supply, food wastage, sustainable food production under changed climatic conditions, and increased occurrence of lifestyle-related diseases. Additional focus areas include food quality, differentiation of foods, and novel, convenient and healthy foods. 

Most of the research is carried out in collaboration with industrial or research partners, and there is a significant focus on dissemination, development, demonstration and implementation of research findings to the benefit of industry and society.


Aarhus University underwent major restructuring in 2011. The number of faculties was reduced from nine to four, and the number of departments from 55 to 26. The Faculty of Science and Technology was established, and the 4,500 members of staff were assigned to twelve new departments – among others the Department of Food Science.

The department was formed by the merger of two former departments: the Department of Horticulture and the Department of Food Science. The Head of Department is Michelle Williams.

In 2011, the department was restructured and the staff were assigned to five science teams and a department secretariat.

In 2019, the department moved to new facilities in Agro Food Park, Aarhus.

Organisation and management

The staff members are divided among the five Science teams and a Department secretariat.

The Department of Food Science is located at two AU centres - AU Agro Food Park, Aarhus and AU Aarslev.