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Would you like to collaborate with us?

Would you like to collaborate with some of Denmark's best food researchers?

At the Department of Food Science, you get a business partner who has extensive experience in establishing business partnerships with public and private companies. Together with our researchers, you build knowledge to develop new technologies and translate knowledge into practical application and sustainable solutions in society. The department also has solid experience in applying for grants for collaborative projects. The collaboration is primarily through business collaboration and government consultancy.

The Department of Food Science has considerable experience in collaborating with industry, in that we have an average of approx. 4 industrial collaborators per research project. Our senior staff are involved in approx. 12 written and oral communications with industry and society each year. They also participate in approx. 30 meeting each year focused on knowledge exchange with industry. In our talent layer, PhD and post docs, approx. 25% are linked to industrially founded projects where external partners have directly been involved in joint development of these young talented researchers.

How do companies develop a research business collaboration with us?

What could you get out of working with us?

A research partnership with the Department of Food Sciences ensures an academic focus on your company, someone with complementary capability who can partner you to overcome barriers or find new opportunities in your company.

Through developing a collaboration with us, you will access our expertise in defining the right research questions, designing the appropriate research, and accessing our state-of-the-art research facilities. You will also access an expert to analyze the data and interpret the results, and to be able to form robust and meaningful conclusions. Together we can determine how this new knowledge will be relevant for you.

By working together with us you will have access to the best new talent in food science and to our internationally recognized leaders. Together we can build respectful and trusting partnerships for the future.

If you are interested in participating in a research partnership with the Department of Food Science, you can directly contact a member of the staff, one of the Department Leader Team or our fundraiser directly.