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International collaboration

The Department of Food Science has a significant focus on collaborating with international researchers and companies to deliver the best research, and research based innovation and entrepreneurship across the food system.

­Many projects that are funded by Danish of EU funding involve international partnerships with leading international researchers, where we can exchange the latest methodologies and bring together the best minds within a research discipline.
We see international research stays as an important part of capability development and most of our PhD and postdocs visit leading labs and deliver co-published research. We also actively accept students for study abroad experiences into our state-of-the-art research facilities in Aarhus. This way we will build strong and seamless connections to complementary research expertise and research facilities around the world.
We also happy to form collaborations with international companies, we can explore ideas in a confidential setting and are experienced in delivering competitive and confidential research together with an individual company or open collaborations in a consortium with several companies.