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Research and innovation collaboration

The Department of Food Science is your partner with extensive experience in establishing business collaborations with the public sector and with private businesses. Together with researchers from the Department, you can generate new knowledge, to develop new technologies and translate knowledge into practice and sustainable solutions for society.
The Department also has solid experience in applying for funding for collaborative projects. Collaboration is primarily through business collaboration and public sector consultancy.   


Research collaboration

Research-based knowledge is converted into new products and solutions through research collaboration between companies and Department researchers.

Does your company need research-based knowledge, equipment and know-how?
Development and growth at an increasing number of businesses is based on research and innovation. At the same time, there is an increasing demand that the value of research should be supported through industrial partners in research projects.

The Department of Food Science collaborates with a large number of companies and institutions in Denmark and abroad. This means our knowledge and technologies help to create entirely new products and services underpinned by research-based knowledge, and cross-disciplinary solutions that create value in both new and existing contexts.

Strategic partnerships

A strategic partnership offers many opportunities for long-term and valuable collaboration between your enterprise and our researchers.

The Department of Food Science is pleases to establish long-term strategic partnerships with selected national and international partners.

Strategic partnerships can be developed with companies, organizations and government agencies and institutions, and they usually run over several years. These agreement should offer value to both partners and should support the partners to develop a close collaboration on research, education and innovation, etc.


Ongoing development opportunities

One element of the agreement is that the partners regularly meet at a leadership level to take stock of the existing collaboration, and to identify any new opportunities for collaboration that may arise.

If you can see potential in entering into a strategic partnership with us, contact one of the Department Leadership Team to find out more.

What could you get out of working with us?

A research partnership with the Department of Food Sciences ensures an academic focus on your company, someone with complementary capability who can partner you to overcome barriers or find new opportunities in your company.

Through developing a collaboration with us, you will access our expertise in defining the right research questions, designing the appropriate research, and accessing our state-of-the-art research facilities. You will also access an expert to analyze the data and interpret the results, and to be able to form robust and meaningful conclusions. Together we can determine how this new knowledge will be relevant for you.

By working together with us you will have access to the best new talent in food science and to our internationally recognized leaders. Together we can build respectful and trusting partnerships for the future.

If you are interested in participating in a research partnership with the Department of Food Science, you can directly contact a member of the staff, one of the Department Leader Team or our fundraiser directly.