Project work plan and work packages

Project Work Plan


In terms of RTD activities the project is organized into 5 work packages (WP3-7):


  • WP3 is headed by the SME Robert Damkjær Ltd who develops the protocol for preparation, handling and documentation of reference comminuted meat samples. All test samples are collected and distributed among project partners for further analysis (WP 4-7).  A database for internal use and coordination of analysis results is made available to all project partners by Aarhus University. In this database sample documentation and results of all analytical work performed throughout the project is compiled.
  • WP4 headed by the RTD Aarhus University focuses on establishing a common histo- or immunhistochemical method for the assessment of muscle structure degradation. In addition, all samples are analyzed for biochemical properties such as protein, fat and moisture content. The analysis provides the basic data for development of the automated image analyses system for quantification of muscle structure degradation (WP5) and the fast track method for quality classification (WP6 and WP7).
  • WP5 is headed by the SME SoftCrits who develop the image analysis algorithms for the automated histological image analysis system.
  • WP6 headed by University of Copenhagen explores spectroscopic techniques suitable for rapid evaluation of quality traits of mechanical separated poultry meat. Prediction models for the correlation between spectral properties and quality traits are developed using advanced chemometric analysis. The most promising spectroscopic technique will be tested further under practical conditions in WP7.
  • WP7 is headed by University of Copenhagen in close collaboration with the SME Carometec A/S and includes development of a fast-track method suitable for incorporation in manufacturer equipment where it is used as a quality control tool of raw material produced and by industrial users of comminuted poultry meat as incoming and outgoing quality control.

WP1 comprise project management and is headed by Aarhus University who is coordinating the project.

WP2 is allocated to the exploitation and dissemination of results. This work package was designed to consider a careful IPR protection guarantying the investment made by the consortium leading SMEs.