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Public sector consultancy

Research-based consultancy to the authorities

Department of Food Science contributes with knowledge and research-based consultancy to the authorities within the area Food Quality. This area focuses on quality aspects of meat, milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables, potatoes, and cereal-based products and includes:

  • Eating quality: appearance, taste,  aroma, flavour, and texture
  • Health-related quality: Why and how is food healthy? I.e. which components and mechanisms determine whether the food is healthy?

The research of the department in the interface between food production, handling, and processing on one hand and sensory - and health-related quality on the other hand can provide important knowledge in regard to production of differentiated, healthy and delicious food – topics of great interest in the Danish debate on health and obesity. Furthermore, the research contributes to development of new methods which can help to improve management of raw product quality and prediction of the quality properties of food.

Focus areas in relation to consultancy to the authorities are among others:

  • Physiological, biochemical, and chemical processes in animals and plants
  • Influence of production methods on animal and vegetable raw product and end product properties
  • Postharvest physiology and convenience products
  • New methods for determination of food quality
  • Sensory- and health-related quality of animal and vegetable food products
  • New, differentiated high quality food products

The consultancy work includes immediate ad hoc tasks, preparatory legislative tasks and consultations, reports, and evaluations, and ongoing tasks after enquiries from government agencies and ministries or from own evaluation of requirements and topical issues.

DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture

Overall coordination of consultancy regarding food and agriculture is carried out by DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture.