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The project was initiated on 1 January 2011. 

The expected results of the project can be summarized as follows:

  • The factor in milk responsible for the FIAF-inducing effect is identified. This may help the dairy industry promote products such as whole milk as part of an accepted diet.
  • The robustness towards various processing steps in the dairy industry is examined, which may allow the food industry to utilize this component or milk fraction as an additive in or constituent of combined foods – depending on the nature of the component.
  • The mechanism of action is identified in the intestinal cells, explants, and animal studies. The identification of mechanistic pathways opens up for investigation of similar effects of related compounds - perhaps originating from other sources.
  • The mechanism of action is identified in humans, and the effects of FIAF-inducing milk component(s) on body weight, fat mass, fat oxidation, and lipid profile in humans are documented.
  • Possible interaction between FIAF-inducing milk component(s) and the gut microbiota is identified, and the exploitation of the influence of food items on the microbiota, and subsequently human health, contributes to the establishment of a new paradigm within basic food and health relations.
  • Consumer perception and a strategy for communication of potential benefits of FIAF-inducing milk component(s) to the consumer are directly applicable within the food industry where similar issues are relevant in relation to inherent biologically active components of diverse food items.


Results so far:

  • The fat fraction of milk holds the main up-regulating effect on the FIAF-gen expression in the human intestinal cell line HCT119.
  • Medium chain fatty acids are main responsible for the up-regulating effect.
  • Feeding pigs with milk induced higher FIAF-gene upregulation in the small intestine compared to control fed pigs or pig fed with control feeding + inulin.


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