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CEN workshop

CEN Workshop 1-2 March 2016

Common EU histochemical method to assess muscle structure

The MACSYS partners have initiated preparation of a CEN workshop, in order to reach a common agreement on an EU histochemical method to assess muscle structure degradation of mechanically separated poultry meat. The aim of the Workshop is to develop a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) on the technical requirements and methods to classify objectively the level of degradation of muscle structure in MSM.

A kick-off and 1st meeting “CEN Workshop 83 on Mechanically Separated Poultry Meat (MSM)” was held on the 1st and 2nd of March 2016. The meeting agenda and project plan can be found using this link http://www.cen.eu/news/workshops/Pages/WS-2016-002.aspx

A second workshop meeting was held as a virtual meeting the 13th of April and it will be followed by a 3rd workshop meeting in Brussels the 26th of May.