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Work package 3: Behaviour

Aarhus University, Department of Food (AU-FOOD)
WP leader: Barbara V. Andersen  

Work package 3

Critical for Work Package #3 is: 1) To test the span in satiating capacity between a subset of pre-loads 2) To provide a benchmark for the satiety metric; subjective data of appetite related sensations and intake of ad libitum meal on the basis of the preload paradigm, and 3) To identify behavioural indicators of satiation and satiety.

From a sensory perspective, central questions are additionally: 4) How differences in desire, sensation and satiation dynamics based on pre-load relate to satiety capacity, and 5) Which key sensory indicators of satiation and satiety can be identified.

Methodology: Reports will be acquired at regular time intervals throughout the full duration of the experiment. Subjects will report using a computerized VAS scale via a MR compatible hand dial. Subjects will report on different scales measuring desires, expectations, appetite, physical- and psychological well-being sensations. Energy of food consumed is key behavioural outcome for validating the metric.

To validate subjective MR data, a comparable study will be conducted outside the MR scanner. 

For sensory descriptive analysis a tested and trained sensory panel will be used.