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About CellFood hub

CellFood will build on the following pillars A) the cell based productions and hybrid products, the later combining plant and animal elements in one product concept, B) the single cell precision fermentation/genetically engineered crops and hybrids and C) the Consumer perception /Public outreach, Nutrition and Food Safety.

CellFood Hub aims to disrupt the conventional concept of a food commodity. Cellular food is placed between biotechnology and food and is as such not an established line of research nor an established commercial path – yet. It is in all aspects very much still in its infancy without any large Danish cultured food companies to adhere to or  collaborate with. It not only requires new production technologies, production chains, sourcing and infrastructure but also legitimation, transparency, understanding, acceptance and liking from a consumer and citizenship perspective.

There is a considerable potential for engaging many different types and sizes of companies in proof of concept projects as well as, more fundamental research aligned to larger companies’ ambition for pilot and demonstration projects. The CellFood hub aims to bridge these gaps by facilitating the CellFood partnership across research disciplines, by implementing a blended portfolio of activities including Open Research – Innovation – Education and Public Engagement.