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Differentiated & Biofunctional Foods


Below please find a selection of ongoing research projects. Project descriptions for several of them are publicly available on websites which can be linked to from this page:

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  1. Taste enhancement of cultured beef by controlled cellular/molecular maturation: TastyAlephBeef

    Jette F Young , Margrethe Therkildsen , Martin Krøyer Rasmussen & Neta Lavon

    The project focuses on enhancing the organoleptic properties of a cultured beef product at the molecular level. An important aspect of making beef palatable is controlling the maturation process. In conventional production, blood is drained and oxygen and nutrient flow to the cells is terminated at the same time as the carcass is cooling, leading to post mortem biochemical reactions. The speed and extend of these post mortem biochemical reactions affect taste and texture of the final product. This project investigates the effect of external maturation conditions on the biochemical processes of importance for taste development in cultured bovine cells. Description


  2. TastyPorkCells – From muscle cell culture to palatable pork

    Jette F Young , Margrethe Therkildsen & Martin Krøyer Rasmussen

    Sustainable food requires a production path without negative impact on the environment and at the same time deliver nutrients such as protein and fat. In many meals, meat contribute with proteins and fat, however traditional meat production is challenged, because it draws heavily on land and water resources and contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emission. Cultured meat is a future way to produce the same nutrients, with severely reduced impact on the environment. This project focuses on development of taste addressing marbling by introduction of lipids in the tissue engineering process and maturation through controlling physical parameters after muscle tissue engineering i.e. in the processes when muscle turn into meat.Description