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SUMS Thursday, Jun 16


Sustainable dairy processing

The drivers for a competitive dairy industry have changed over time, but implementation of new technologies have historically shown to generate economic growth. To tackle sustainability challenges, the dairy industry has to review the way it utilizes all the resources, to ensure the efficient conversion of raw milk into ingredients and products sought by consumers. Advancement of traditional technologies, and new technologies and processing solutions are therefore expected to be part of the transition to a more sustainable dairy production.  The overall aim of the workshop is to provide the students with knowledge on emerging technologies, equipment and production processes applied in the dairy industry for sustainable manufacture of dairy products and ingredients.

In vitro and in vivo food digestion - recent developments and impact on the food sector

The nutritional and health properties of food do not solely rely on the sum of nutrients but are strongly influenced by their food structure and subsequent behaviour during gastro-intestinal transit. To understand the human physiological response to specific foods, it is necessary to follow the complex digestive processes within the human digestive tract in more detail. Over the last decade more and more accurate and accessible in vitro digestion methods have been developed and validated against in vivo data.

The workshop will cover some examples of in vitro and in vivo digestion processes, such as simple static  or more advanced dynamic and semi-dynamic in vitro digestion methods as well as human in vivo methods using MRI, wireless capsule endoscopy, nasogastric and ileal sampling.

14:00-15:00 | Guided tour through Arla Innovation Centre

Arla Innovation Centre is located at the heart of the Danish Food Cluster at Agro Food Park. The 10.000 m2 facility was officially inaugurated by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in May 2017 and offers state-of-the-art science and consumer labs and a 2000 m2 pilot plant, with flexibility to install any type of process needed for innovation projects. Arla Innovation Centre is the workplace for more than 150 employees, and with more than 20 different cultural backgrounds.


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We offer the possibility for joint watching of the symposium to all participants of the summer school

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Lunch at Arla Innovation Centre
Agro Food Park 19
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