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New knowledge on food and ingredients that can improve food quality and health benefits.

Designing sustainable and novel foods for the future with new processing and packaging formats.

Research on food quality and valorization of side streams to reduce food loss and waste.

Research into consumers perceptions, preferences and behaviours so that we can deliver healthier and more satisfying foods.

These are some of the focus areas aligned to FOODHAY: Open Innovation FOOD & Health Laboratory research infrastructure. FOODHAY was funded as part of the Danish Roadmap for Research infrastructure (2015-2020) and in 2019 received a grant of 51.5 M DKK (6.9 M Euro) from the Ministry of Education and Research.

The consortium behind FOODHAY, cofunded the establishment of FOODHAY, resulting in a new Danish research infrastructure in the health and food area of 103 M DKK (13.8 M Euro). FOODHAY is nationally distributed, so the new research infrastructure is aligned to each of the consortium partners. FOODHAY will establish physical research infrastructure aligned to the following platforms:





and the added value of FOODHAY will be the interaction and synergies gained between these four platforms of research infrastructure, as represented by a


Knowledge on nutrition and health in relation to food will be gathered in this platform and will be linked to expertise in the scientific assessment of the relationships between nutritional and health aspects and the physical-chemical properties of foods, food ingredients, and foods following processing. This platform will work closely with scientists from the other platforms and will form the theoretical basis for the new knowledge and products generated.


FOODHAY ESR Spectrometer


The FOODHAY research infrastructure can be used alone or in combination with other research facilities held by the research partners. Research infrastructure enables us to generate new knowledge and support talent development. A range of Bachelor, Masters and PhD projects are carried out each year, the following research based thesis have been awarded through accessing FOODHAY equipment:

  • Bachelor Thesis – Agerschou CL, Matzen SA, Jensen HB 2021.
    Preparation of recycled flour from surplus bread as an additive in fresh bread and its effect on the bread quality (Thesis is confidential).
    Supervisor contact info: Ulla Kidmose, ulla.kidmose@food.au.dk
  • Bachelor Thesis – Stoltenberg A 2021.
    Sensory quality of Atlantic salmon as affected by farming procedure.
    Supervisor contact info: Ulla Kidmose, ulla.kidmose@food.au.dk
  • Bachelor Thesis – Kjær KM 2021.
    Screening and identification of polyfuorinated surfactants by liquid chromatography high resolution mass spectrometry. 
    Link: https://findit.dtu.dk/en/catalog/2704444635
    Supervisor contact info: Kit Grandby kgra@food.dtu.dk, Khanh Hoang Nguyen khng@food.dtu.dk
  • Bachelor Thesis – Terp J, Birkemose M 2021.
    Nanostructural characterization of paneer-like acidified milk gels. 
    Supervisor contact info: Jacob Kirkensgaard, jjkk@food.ku.dk
  • Master Thesis – Nafar N, Baskaran R 2021.
    Properties of lignin in ethanol and methanol solutions. 
    Supervisor contact info: Jacob Kirkensgaard, jjkk@food.ku.dk
  • Master Thesis – Laima D 2021.
    Nanostructural influence on oxidation in oilwater emulsions. 
    Supervisor contact info: Jacob Kirkensgaard, jjkk@food.ku.dk
  • Master Thesis – Sørensen MR 2021.
    Investigation of Kokumi-active peptide from saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast extract.
    Supervisors contact info: Nils Arneborg, na@food.ku.dk; René Lametsch, rla@food.ku.dk  
  • Master Thesis – Jørgensen LN 2021.
    Kokumi-Active Peptides in Commercial Organic Yeast Starter Cultures and Yeast Extracts from Two Strains of Saccharomyces pastorianus. 
    Supervisors contact info: Nils Arneborg, na@food.ku.dk; René Lametsch, rla@food.ku.dk
  • Master Thesis – Volkova D 2021.
    Investigation of aging effect on hop-derived compounds in beer using high-throughput metabolite profiling methods. 
    Supervisor contact info: Bekzod Khakimov, bzo@food.ku.dk
  • PhD Thesis – Li R 2021.
    Understanding and controlling protein ingredient-milk component interactions during processing. 
    Supervisor contact info: Anni Bygvrå Hougaard, abhg@food.ku.dk
  • PhD Thesis –Jensen MB 2021.
    Vitamin K active compounds – study of content and bioavailability.
    Supervisor contact info: Jette Jacobsen jeja@food.dtu.dk
  • PhD Thesis – Noordraven L 2021.
    Impact of thermal processing and storage on the rheological and flavour aspects of chickpea-based systems: focus on whole chickpeas and chickpea flours.
    Co-supervisor contact info: Mikael Agerlin Petersen, map@food.ku.dk  
  • Bachelor Thesis – Larsen RA, Jessen EV 2022.
    NMR-based Metabolomics; Exploring the Human Milk- and Infant Urine Metabolome in relation to Infant Metabolism. 
    Supervisor contact info: Ulrik Sundekilde uksundekilde@food.au.dk
  • Bachelor Thesis – Høgsgaard K 2022.
    Extraction of fucoidans from Saccharina latissima, Fucus serratus, Fucus vesiculosus and Sargassum muticum seaweeds. 
    Supervisor contact info: Mario Martinez mm@food.au.dk
  • Masters Thesis – Skov KB 2022.
    Twin-Screw extrusion of Milk Protein Concentrate with Pea Starch to create a fibrous structure for low fat meat analogues. 
    Supervisor contact info: Mario Martinez mm@food.au.dk
  • Masters Thesis – Charlampita MMC 2022.
    Development of starch-based active packaging.
    Supervisor contact info: Mario Martinez mm@food.au.dk
  • Masters Thesis – Thomsen JPS 2022.
    Climate-Friendly Milk. 
    Supervisor contact info: Nina Aagaard Poulsen nina.poulsen@food.au.dk, Lotte Bach Larsen lbl@food.au.dk
  • Masters Thesis – Poulsen R 2022.
    Investigation of sweet-sweet interactions effect on beverage flavor.
    Supervisor contact info: Ulla Kidmose, ulla.kidmose@food.au.dk
  • Masters Thesis – Christensen CLDC 2022.
    Sweet-sweet interactions in food matrices. 
    Supervisor contact info: Ulla Kidmose, ulla.kidmose@food.au.dk
  • PhD thesis (2021), Marie Bagge Jensen:
    Vitamin K active compounds – study of content and bioavailability.
    Supervisor contact info: Jette Jacobsen, jeja@food.dtu.dk
  • PhD Thesis (2022), Lucas Sales Queiroz:
    Exploratory Study of Colloidal Properties of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens) Proteins Extracted by Sustainable Approach. 
    Supervisor contact info: Mohammad Amin Mohammadifar moamo@food.dtu.dk



FOODHAY-samarbejde om sensorik og forbrugeradfærd

Det højteknologiske laboratoriecenter FOODHAY indeholder avanceret udstyr, der kan bruges til at finde den bedste smag til nye produkter samt til at studere, hvad der ligger bag vores beslutninger om mad og indkøb af fødevarer.
PlusProces.dk December 2022

FOODHAY-samarbejde om fødevarebiofysik

I samarbejde med forskningsinstitionerne i FOODHAY kan fødevarevirksomheder bruge biofysikudstyr til at undersøge og måle strukturelle egenskaber i fødevarer og kontaktmaterialer. Det er vigtigt for at kunne udvikle og optimere nye sunde, sikre og bæredygtige fødevarer.
PlusProces.dk October 2022

FOODHAY-samarbejde om proteomik og metabolomik 

PlusProces.dk September 2022

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