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Digital PCR

QIAcuity One, 2plex
Qiagen, Germany

  • This is a MPN based PCR method which yields absolute quantification of target gene copies in each sample.
  • The sample (DNA extract) is distributed into 8500 or 26000 partitions, depending on the dPCR nanoplate.
  • End-point PCR is performed, following which presence/absence of fluorescence in each partition is measured and converted to number of target genes per sample.
  • dPCR can be used to analyze the presence of bacteria, viruses, parasites, genes, and so on.
  • dPCR is recommended for samples with low gene copy numbers.
  • dPCR can also be used in PCR based gene expression analysis.
  • Multiplex dPCR can be performed using 2 channels.