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Professional Ovens

iCombi® Pro RATIONAL
1x iCPro61 VENSTRE S, 1x iCPro101 VENSTRE S, 1x emhætte UltraV. Plus iCC/iCP61/101 combiduo S    

  • High precision research based ovens to enable qualitative and quantitative analysis of foods and comparisons.

  • Professional steam ovens to be used for cooking and baking of almost every kind of food product in an automatized and highly controlled way (so far tested products: bread and burger patties).
  • Efficient air circulation and dehumidification ensures ca. 50% higher productivity and approx. 10% shorter cooking time.
  • Delivers consistent results from top to bottom. At the same time supports intuitive operating system and minimizes errors during the preparation.
  • The ovens can constantly analyze the condition of the raw materials in relation to the desired result, calculates the degree of cooking and adjusts the temperature accordingly.
  • The extraction/ventilation system (ultra-vent) is attached on the top of the ovens and therefore portable with them.