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2021.03.25 | Talent development

AU Entrepreneurship course boosts student business of sustainable packaging

A Vietnamese, sustainable straw was the inspiration for two AU students' thriving business of sustainable packaging for restaurants and takeaways in corona times. Aarhus University's open entrepreneurship office, Food eHub, assisted in applying for the first initiating capital.

2021.03.18 | Research news

Carefully composed lighting should boost future cucumber production

The right mix of the ultraviolet radiation UV-B and monochromatic light, i.e. light with only one wavelength, can boost germination of our cucumber plants - and thus reduce the total production time. This is the conclusion of a new study by researchers from Aarhus University, among others. This knowledge is particularly important in the "vertical…

BettaSensing is developing a flavor fingerprint technology. Photo: Mathilde Kræmer.

2021.03.16 | Press release

Flavor recognition technology on its way to the market. Is your startup company next?

How do we know, if our food tastes good, or if it has already gone bad? The startup BettaSensing has created an innovative flavor recognition technology for the food industry. Last year, the company took part in the EIT Food entrepreneurship program Seedbed, which in Denmark is based at the Department of Food Science (AU FOOD) at Aarhus…

2021.03.10 | Workshop

Learn more about cultured meat at Aarhus University's online seminar

There is an increasing degree of research into meat produced in laboratories. The research also takes place at Aarhus University, which leads the Nordic network ”Cultured meat - Nordic take”, and now invites you to a two-day workshop. Here, researchers will inform the industry about cultured meat and how companies can participate in the work.

2021.03.04 | Research

Large grant for climate protection of the wheat of the future

With a grant of more than DKK 11 million from the Independent Research Fund Denmark, a new research project will help to climate-proof the wheat crops of the future to increase their resistance to heat, drought and the increased CO2 concentration. The project focus on how the physiological responses differ to different stresses. The Department of…

2021.03.04 | Events

A successful green transition demands a new food systems approach

We need to move beyond simple linear cause-effect relations of food production and consumption and take a more holistic view, a so-called food systems approach, for the green transition to be successful. This was the common denominator at the first CiFOOD Conference at Aarhus University, which took place online in the beginning of February.

Photo: Colourbox

2021.01.15 | Education news

Get ready for the food market of the future at new Danish-Chinese education

The "International Food Quality and Health" Master’s degree programme equips students to develop the food market of the future across China and Denmark. Aarhus University and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences have created the programme, and together the educational institutions foster a unique cross-cultural learning environment.

2020.12.18 | Education news


Foodpod Denmark has just released the podcast "Episode 9: Nerdy about nutrition". In this episode of Foodpod, we meet three people with a passion for separating facts from fiction and developing new knowledge that can lead to better food products in the future. They all have three things in common - an interest in healthy and…

2020.12.14 | Publication

FOOD professor Derek V. Byrne editor on new book

Derek V. Byrne, professor at Department of Food Science, is editor of a Book just published from the Special Issue "Consumer Preference and Acceptance of Food Products" in the Journal Foods.  Read more on MDPI.

Photo: Colourbox

2020.11.13 | Research

Grant of DKK 2.8 mill. for new project on plant-based diets

Assistant Professor Martin Krøyer Rasmussen from the Department of Food Science receives DKK 2.8 mill. from the Independent Research Fund Denmark for a project that will investigate micro-RNAs in plant-based diets. It is an area that is not very well understood, but which can have a very big impact on our health.

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